Build Business Credit Membership Program

  • Build Business Credit Membership Program

    Posted by Latoya on October 7, 2021 at 6:07 AM

    Build Business Credit Membership Program

    Build Valuable Business Credit at Ease with Excel Capital Group

    Our business credit building system is a new way to get credit, establish creditworthiness and funding while protecting your credit scores.

    We teach business owners how to build the business credit you need without using your personal credit. Business Credit is obtained in your business name. With business credit, the business builds its own credit profile and credit score. With an established credit profile and score, the business will then qualify for credit. In this membership you will learn how to:

    1. Setup Business to Meet Compliance-Our build business credit membership is detailed and guides you in completing all the requirements to achieve lending and credit compliance for automatic approvals.

    2. Establish Business Credit Profile & Scores-Establish business credit rating scores with Dun & Bradstreet, Experian and Equifax. Also, get your free D-U-N-S number that is much-needed for building great business credit.

    3. Receive maximum funding in the membership program-Receive maximum funding for your business and get access to vendors at each level for building your business credit with no personal credit check or guarantee.

    Why Excel Capital Business Credit Membership Program?

    In this Excel Capital Business Membership Program, you will learn how to leverage the power of business credit to put the growth of your business on steroids. It will help you qualify for loans and credit lines at lower interest rates and better credit terms.


    1. It is for anyone who has been rejected by banks for their loan requirements.

    2. It is for anyone who does not want to drain their retirement accounts and exhaust personal savings.

    3. It is for an entrepreneur who needs funding to start their business, scale grow or outperform competition.

    4. It is for anyone looking for experts to help with business operations, to build generational wealth and to improve their personal credit score and finances.

    Either way, I can help.

    Why Excel Capital Group?

    Industry experts believe it takes two or more years to build business credit. However, the Excel Build Business Credit Membership Program has reduced the time to six months.
    We will show you a fast easy way to accelerate the growth of your business. We will help you access multiple revolving credit limits of $5,000 – $100,000.

    The type of credit we will help you access includes:

    1. Store business credit with all major retailers including Amazon, Costco, Home Depot, Lowes and Walmart among others.

    2. Fleet credit for fuel and auto vehicle repairs for your primary vehicle, and a fleet of commercial vehicles.

    3. Auto vehicle financing to purchase or lease your primary vehicle or a fleet of vehicles, in your business name.

    4. Cash credit including Visa and MasterCard accounts you can use in most locations worldwide.

    The Membership includes over $2000 worth of training. This membership is offered for a one-time price of $597 or 6 payments of $125 each.

    Here is What You Get:

    1. On-Demand online courses with assignments to keep you on track.

    Monthly live masterclass Q&A on business credit and funding.

    2. Lifetime access to the members-only Facebook group.

    3. Access to all the much-needed tools and resources for building business credit.

    4. Access to an exclusive list of vendors and creditors.

    5. Expert business coaching and support, and much more…

    Click the link to sign up for the membership:

    La Toya Jackson is the founder and CEO
    Excel Capital Group.

    As a real estate investor, La Toya learned valuable information on how to minimize the process to reliable funding. La Toya has raised over $2 million dollars over the last 5 years for her businesses. In sharing her knowledge, she has built a reputation of being successful in business funding. She has helped businesses receive funding without the hassle and has a trusted following of providing clear and easy steps to funding through Educational seminars.

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